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Publishing a Registration Form

After you have built a registration form, the next step is to publish it, making it “live” and able to collect registration information and payments.  Find the Publish link on the top bar or on the menu:

Completing Mandatory Steps

Before a registration can be published, there are a few peices of information that you need to provide us with:

  • A public contact email
  • A city, that we use to set the time zone of your registration
  • A refund policy
  • A bank account to deposit collected fees, or to deduct processing fees from if your collected registration fees don’t cover the zone4 processing fee.

At the top of the publish page, you’ll see the current value for these settings, and anything that has not been filled out yet will be highlighted in red:

When all the needed information has been entered, a green “Completed” indicator will appear:

Setting Open and Close Dates

Every Zone4 registration form must have a set period where it is “open” and accepting registrations.  This starts at the “Open” date and time, and ends on the “Close” date and time.  This period can be as long or as short as you like, and can be adjusted after the registration has been published.

Request Review

Zone4 staff will review all registration forms before they are published, just to double-check that everything makes sense and you’ve set up your form correctly.  The review is usually completed within one business day of the request being sent.

Other Public Settings

Public Reports (Confirmation List)

You can also create any number of “Public Reports” on the data collected through a registration form. For race registrations, this is often referred to as a “Confirmation List” and is a great way for registrants to see who else is registered for the same event. For more on public reports, see the help page here.

Event Page

If you’re using Zone4’s race timing system and registration platform, you can use an Event Page to group your registration, results, start list, confirmation list, or other links and information all at a single link.  To find out more about event pages, see the documentation here.

Once your registration is live

Once your registration is live, registrants will be able to access it through the Zone4.ca homepage.
On the admin side you will be able to use Zone4’s reporting system to track data from your registration and create custom reports with that data. This will include both, Microdata for every individual who has registered as well as summary data for every field from your registration form. This data will include financial transactions. See documentation here to learn more about Zone4’s reporting system.
Updated on 2021-02-24

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