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New and Improved Zone4 Registration Administration

You wanted a simpler and yet more powerful registration system. We have been listening!  Beginning next week Zone4 will be rolling out upgrades to the administration of your registrations.  Highlights include:

Power Overviews 

Building forms is still easy via our visual Form Builder, but you now have several power tools to help you see an overview of specific concepts.

For instance, to get an overview and edit any of the fees setup in your form builder, head to the Fees and Payments page where you can see all of the fees at different price levels.

To review and edit all of the Quantity Limits on your registration, checkout the new Registration Cap & Limits page.

Or if you want to review the Mandatory status of your fields along with any conditional or date based logic, there is an overview page for that as well.

And you can see an overview of your Tax rate and select which fields you set as Taxable in the form builder.

These power tools should make it easier to build and administer complex forms.

Enhanced Discount Codes

The new Discount Codes area enhances the capabilities of the Discount Code system by allowing you to specify quantity limits on specific codes as well as limits codes to specific fee fields on the registration.

There are a host of other small enhancements throughout the registration system and we’ll be releasing more updates shortly.  ​Make sure to keep us posted with comments or questions at support@zone4.ca and we will be ready to help and keep improving our platform.

Thank you again for being part of the Zone4 community.

Chat soon! 

Zone4 Team

Updated on 2023-04-14

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