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Setup Alberta Bicycle Direct Deposit

For a few years, Alberta Bicycle has offered clubs the ability to collect membership fees when members signup on the Alberta Bicycle Membership form. Remittance of the collected funds has always been via cheque though. Starting in 2023, Alberta Bicycle Association is offering the ability to receive the collected funds automatically by direct deposit using Zone4’s built in remittance system. In order to receive funds by direct deposit, clubs will need a Zone4 organization account and upload a bank account.

Setting up a Zone4 Account

If your club doesn’t already have a Zone4 account, you can set up one here: https://zone4.ca/signup Once you have completed the initial setup screen, you will see the following user home page:

Next, click Create a Registration Form and then click Create a New Organization

Fill in the organization screen with your club’s info and then click “Create Organization” You will then see an Oops msg which you can ignore, just click the back button to return to your user home screen.

Once back at your user home, you should see your club listed and you are ready to add your bank account info.

Setting up your Bank account for Direct Deposit

Click the Bank Accounts link on your organization settings listing.

Then click the green “Set up a Bank Account” buton.

Fill in the details of your bank account where you want to receive your direct deposits. Note you will have to provide an image of a void cheque or bank document showing your Institution Code, Transit Number an Account number.

Zone4 will review the submitted information and approve the account if the numbers match the void cheque.

Updated on 2022-12-03

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