Nordiq Canada Tier 3 Licences

Starting in 2023, Nordiq Canada has introduced a fee that applies to all participants in Tier 3 events. The policy summary can be found here:

Tier 3 Events are a competition or event that:

  • that is neither Tier 1 nor Tier 2 (these are dealt with with via the existing SMDL feature:, AND
  • is open to participants who are not members of the host club, AND
  • for which more than $5 per participant is collected (before processing fees)
  • Sanctioned by the Division; Requires Technical Advisor & Chief of Competition (Level 1)

An example of these types are events are: Canadian Ski Marathon, Canmore Nordic Canada Day Fun Run, and Coupe des Fondeurs.

Events that meet this definition require a Tier 3 Event License which is $3 per person per day.

In order to make this as easy as possible for clubs, Zone4 has implemented this as a pre-set field that automatically charges the $3 and routes these funds to Nordiq Canada.

On the registration form builder, this is implemented under Preset Fields “Nordiq Canada Tier-3 Licence” which just adds a single field called “Nordiq Canada Fee” – this is fine for simple single-day events, but more complex registrations will need to use the old form builder described below.

For multi-day events or further customization, click the … menu in the upper right of the form builder and click “Go back to the old editor”

Choose Preset Field -> NC Tier 3 Licence

In the old form builder, you can customize the label of the field so for multi-day events, you will need to add one field for each day. In the example below, I created one field called “NC Tier 3 Licence – Monday” and then made it conditional to only display if the registrant clicked one of the Monday race categories.

On the public side of the registration you will then see the Monday $3 fee become visible when a registrant selects a Monday category.

You would then repeat the setup and add another NC Tier 3 Licence field keyed off of the Tuesday event. This is how you would achieve the requirement of $3 per person per day.

If your race has multiple days of racing for only a single fee or option, you can use the same technique to have multiple NC Tier 3 Licence fields appear on your form.

The final consideration is that we have made the NC Tier 3 Licence type a ‘discountable’ field which means that you can create discount codes that apply their % discount to the $3 along with other fee fields. So if you have free entries you are giving away to sponsors or partners, you can have them register for free without paying anything and still be compliant with Nordiq Canada policies because the $3 will still be assessed to the club and debited from your club account and sent to Nordiq Canada. That means your club is paying the $3 fee on the participants behalf, but that is your choice if you setup your discount codes to include that specific fee which gives you all the control you need to create the registration experience you desire for your event.

Updated on 2023-11-08

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