Introducing Zone4 Event Pages

What are Event Pages?

An Event Page is a public homepage for your event where you can post your registration form, public results, start lists, public reports or confirmation lists, as well as links to social media platforms and your event’s website.  

Below is an example of an event page being used for the 2017 Canadian National Cross-Country Skiing Championships.

When Should I use Event Pages?

Though Event Pages can be used for any type of event, they are highly recommended for certain types of races, these are;

  • Events with multiple days of competition: Such as race weekends with races on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Races With Multiple Published Result Sets: Event Pages provide a better display of Result Sets such as, Overall Results and Age Group Results.
  • Stage Races: Event Pages are ideally suited to Stage Races as they incorporate both, multiple days of racing and multiple Result Sets (Stage Results and Overall Results).

Advantages of Event Pages

  • Having both your events registration form and results in one location.
  • The ability to have only one link for all results from your events; website, Facebook page and the homepage.
  • Easier navigation for those unfamiliar with
  • Easier for users to navigate between Results Sets.
  • The ability to display links to your event website and various social media platforms.

How do I set up an Event Page for my race?

Create Event page by navigating to the Settings page in Zone4 Timing and select turn on the “Display Event Page for this Event” option.

You will then have the option to add the race to an existing event page or create a new one. It is better to only ever create one event page for an event so if one has already been created then choose Add to Existing Event, if not then Create a new Event Page.

Then fill in the relevant information for your event page paying close attention to selecting the correct date for the event. Then select Create Event Page.

Then select Manage Event Page to edit the page.

Editing Event Pages

Posting Event Pages to

Any results sets, seeding lists or start lists that are published will automatically be added top your event page however your event page will only be displayed on the homepage if you have chosen the “Yes show this event page on” option as shown below. 

Social Media Links

You can add links to your events social media pages and event website here. Be sure to test links once they are aded by selecting View Event Page and clicking the link as is shown below.

Previewing Public Event Page

Also know that you can preview then public side of event pages at any time by selecting View Event Page, More and Preview Event Page as is shown below.

Race Notice

This is a good way of posting some extra information about your event such as Age Categories, Eligibility and Licenses, Dates, Schedule and Format.

Upload a Header

If you have an event logo or sponsors it is recommended to upload a header image with that logo or sponsors. This will be displayed at the top of your Event Page.

Page Content

You can also manage the page content here by adding registrations, other races or external links. External links can be a good way of having results from previous years if they were not done through Zone4.

Updated on 2022-06-03

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