Seeding High School Races

In High School racing, it’s common for the registration to have a Seeding field allowing coaches to seed their races to a desired seed. Racers are then to be randomized within their seeding group on the start list.

Firstly, after creating the race based on your registration, in order to make it easier to manage your race setup, you may need to rename your Seeding field by going to 2. Racers and under Racer Management Tools, click Custom Racer Fields.

Click Edit on whatever field captured your seeding information and rename it to just “Seed”. Note this field could be a number field, or an Option field, either data type will work for custom seeding purposes.

Next, we will want this custom seeding field to appear as a Line 1 field on our startlist so to enable that option we need to turn on Advanced Setting. To do this, click 1. Settings on your main navigation bar and then click “Advanced Settings”.

Toggle on “Enable unsupported & Experimental Settings”. This enables the ability to set Line 1 fields on Startlist and Results.

Now go to 3. Startlists on your main navigation bar. After creating your Start Groups, in the Assign Racer Numbers section, for Sort Order, choose the option “Sort by racer field values.” and then select the Seed field that you just renamed in the previous steps.

After adding the Seed field as your primary ordering, add the field called “Random Seed”

This will order racers first by their custom Seed number 0-9, then within each seed, they will be randomly drawn. You can change the order of the Seed groups by toggling the direction indicator next to the X button. Click Assign Racer Numbers will then assign bib numbers according to your specified order.

Finally, to display this custom seed field on your Startlist, at the bottom of the 3. Startlist tab, click Publish and Print -> Configure Start List Display

In the “Line 1 Fields” drop down, click your custom Seed field.

Now when you view your Startlist, the Seed field will appear as a Line 1 field.

Updated on 2022-02-16

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