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How to Add a Bank Account to your Organization

In order to receive registration fees or pay zone4 invioces through direct deposit, your organization must have a Canadian bank account linked to it.

To add a bank account, find your organization settings link in the list on your personal zone4 homepage at https://zone4.ca/manage

From there, click the “Add a New Bank Account” button and enter your bank account information.

Finding your Account Numbers

If you have a cheque, your account numbers will be along the bottom edge of the cheque

How to find your Bank Routing Number in Canada [2022] | Protect Your Wealth
  • the first number is the cheque number. we don’t need that
  • the second number should be 5 digits, and that is your transit number, to identify your branch
  • after the transit number, there should be a 3-digit institution code to identify your bank (001 for BMO, 002 for Scotiabank, 003 for royal bank, etc).
  • the remaining numbers after the institution code is your account number. There may be a symbol in the middle of the number somewhere, it can be ignored.

If you do not have a cheque, you can ask your bank for a direct deposit slip that has these numbers on it. In the form on Zone4.ca where it asks for a cheque. submit a photo or scan of your direct deposit slip intsead.

Updated on 2022-08-18

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