Creating a Relay Registration Form

For a relay team registration, all team members must register and pay together at the same time. This page assumes you are already familiar with how to set up a Zone4 registration – If you haven’t already you should check out the Registration Forms documentation, especially the Adding a Field section.

Group fields

Use the “Group Fields” section of the registration to ask for information that is common to all team members, like category and team name. Your relay registration must have a single “Team Name” field at the group level that will be used to group teams in the race timing software.

Individual Fields

Use the individual fields to ask for information that is specific to each team member, like their name, contact information, and date of birth.

Collecting Fees

If your fees are per team, then you can add a “Fee Field” as a group field so it is only charged once. If your fees are charged once per team member regardless of the size of the team, then you should add a fee field to the individual level. See here for more information about adding fees to a registration form.

Collecting Solo and Team Registrations on the Same Form

If your race format includes a solo option in addition to the team event, you can accept both solo and team registrations on the same form by adding an option field at the group level, asking your registrant if they are signing up as a team or individual.

If you have individual racers on the same registration as the relay team registration, you should use conditional display to hide the team name field for racers not signing up as a team. Having no value in the team field is how the timing software knows the difference between a solo race and a team.

Requiring a Specific Team Size

If your race format requires racers to sign up with a specific number of team members, you can add a limit to the registration form so racers cannot check out until they have added the required number of people to their cart.

On a team-only registration form

If you have no option for racers to sign up as a solo, go to the Basic Info page of your registration form and find Advanced Settings in the More Options menu at the bottom of the page. Set the Minimum People per Cart and Maximum People per Cart to both be the number of people on a team.

On a registration form with solos and teams

If you have a group-level option field on your registration form asking whether people are signing up as a team or a solo racer, edit that field and then click the Edit button beside the “team” option:

In the panel for that option, set the Minimum People in Cart and Maximum People in Cart settings to both be the team size.

Updated on 2019-06-19

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