Registration Fee Fields

To collect registration fees through Zone4, you need to add at least one Fee Field to your registration form.  Click the Add a Form Element button at the bottom of the Edit Form page, and then select the type of fee you would like to use.

Five different types of fees can be set on Zone4 registration forms:

  • Fixed Fee fields are displayed as a checkbox.  They have a set price, and the registrant has the option to check the box and pay the fee, or not.  Making this fee type mandatory means that the registrant will not be able to continue until they have agreed to pay the fee.  This is the standard fee that you will probably want to use most often.
    You can also set a fixed fee to be a negative number if necessary, as an easy way to give discounts.
  • Quantity Fee fields are displayed as a number field with a price attached.  The registrant has to enter a number (or quantity), and the fee will be charged that many times.  The most common example of this fee type is merchandise or ticket sales, where the registrant will indicate how many items they would like to purchase.
  • Option Fee fields display a list of options, and the registrant can pick one (and only one) of the options.  A common use of this fee type is race registration fees, where each race distance has a different fee, and the registrant can only race a single distance.  For example:

    For more about option fields, see the help page here.

  • User Set Fee fields can be more simply thought of as donation fields, since that is what they are most commonly used as.  If you have any scenario where the registrant will choose how much they want to pay, use a user-set fee field.  The registrant can type any amount into the box, and it will be added to their total fee.
  • Add a Discount Code field to the registration form to enable discount codes.  You can only add the discount code field to the form once, but you can add as many discount codes as you want to that field.  Create a discount code, and give that code to your registrants to allow them to receive either a percentage discount or a fixed amount discount from their total registration fee.  For more information about discount codes, please see the help page here.
Updated on 2019-02-18

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