Option Fields & Option Fee Fields

What is an option field?

An option field is for when you want to give users a list of options to choose from, but only want users to be able to choose one option from that list. In other words it’s when registrants need to “choose one of the following options”. One possible use of this field is for selecting programming on a club registration form. An example of this on a public registration form is pictured below. 

How Do I Add an Option Field?

Add an option field to your form by clicking the Add a Form Element button and then selecting it from the list of available option types:

Give the field a label (in the example above, the label is set to “Club Programs”) and then add as many options as you need to by clicking the Add Another Option button:

Advanced Settings for Each Option

Beside each option, there is an Edit button that exposes a few more settings that are specific to each option.  The first of these, Option Name is the same as the displayed option name that you can edit without clicking the edit button.

For option fields that are added to the individual level of the registration form, you will have the option to limit that specific option to only be displayed to registrants of a certain gender or age group.  This is very useful for race categories or age-limited lessons or activities. For example only allowing people to register for a kids race if they are under 12 years old.  The other setting, Total Available, will limit the number of people who can select that option and cause it to be marked as “sold out” when the specified number of people have selected it in registrations.

In order for either age or gender visibility conditions to work, you need to add both a birthdate and gender field to the registration form.

For option fields that are added to the group level of the registration form, instead of having age and gender settings you’ll see a Minimum People in Cart and Maximum People in Cart settings for each option.  You can use this in situations where if  a specific option is chosen, a set number of people must register and pay together.  For example; a field at the group level could ask “Are you registering as a solo racer or a team”, and if the “Team” option is selected the registration form will enforce them to register a given number of people as is shown below.

Removing an Option

At the bottom of the edit panel for each option, you’ll see the Remove this Option button.  This will remove the selected option from the Form Element.

After a registration form has been published, this button will change to say Hide this Option, as options cannot be removed from a live registration form – they can only be hidden from new registrants.

Re-ordering Options

Beside each option, you’ll see six dots arranged in a grid, and when you hover your mouse over them it will change to a cursor indicating that you can drag. Click and drag to move the option to a new position in the list, and then click the “Save Changes” button.

What if I want users to be able to select multiple options?

If you want registrants to be able to select multiple options, then add a series of Checkbox Fields for each option.

Updated on 2019-02-18

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