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Should I use Group or Individual Fields on my registration form?

The Edit Fields tab of the registration system is divided into two levels. These are “Group  Fields”  and “Individual Fields”. This architecture was designed to make it easier for families to register together and to make it easier for clubs and event organizers to collect information on both an entire family or group registering for an event, as well as each individual in the family/ group. When you first navigate to the Edit Form tab, the individual level fields will be displayed. You can navigate between individual level and group fields using the group and individual fields tabs, as pictured below.


Keep In Mind

Not all registrations will use both levels of fields. Often, for uses such as race registrations, only Individual Level Fields are needed.

Group Fields

Group Fields are where you will add fields, such as fees, that you want to collect only once per group. One of the most common uses of group fields is for club family memberships where there will be fees that will apply to an entire family.  Another common reason for group fields being used is for team registrations for events such as relay races.

Group fields will be the first set of fields that registrants will see when filing out their registration form. Groups registering will only fill out these fields once for the entire group. Once registrants have filled in the group fields, they will then be required to complete the individual fields for EACH member of their family or group.

Individual Fields

The Individual Fields are where you will select fields that will collect information from registrants on an individual basis. Program fees, Names, Waivers, Contact Information and volunteer sign-ups are all fields that would most likely be covered on an individual level.

Should I use Group Fields, Individual Fields or Both?

Ultimately this is up to you and will depend on the type of registration you’re creating, but here is a little more information on the types of registrations most often covered by these different setups.

  • Group & Individual Fields – This set up is most commonly used in club membership registrations where registrants often enter as a family. In this case you would configure fields in both the Group and Individual pages. If you do this, registrants will first need to fill out the groupfields for their entire group or family, before filling out the individual fields for each registrant. Another common use of both levels of fields would be for team events such as relay races. Also with the two levels of fields your admin reporting (covered in the Reports section of this documentation) will have data on both group and individual fields.
  • Individual Fields Only – This is the setup most commonly used in event or race registrations . If you have an individual only registration, registrants can still add multiple people to their cart and pay with one transaction. The transactions are still recorded and grouped into carts in some of the admin reporting as well.
  • Group Fields Only – Although this option is not very common, there are times where you are running a very simple event or registration and you don’t need to collect data for every individual. One possible use of this setup would be registration for a banquet when all you need is the person’s name and how many tickets they want to purchase not the names of each individual.

You may see the term “Cart Fields” or “Cart-level Fields” used in some places in Zone4, this is the same thing as “Group Fields”

Updated on 2019-01-06

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