What is Precall?

Precall is a timing device that is setup so that racers cross it 10-20 seconds before they finish. The main purpose of precall is to provide the race announcer with who is coming towards the line before they get there. That way they can announce who it is and cheer them on. Though not necessary, having a Precall device can significantly add to the atmosphere and racer experience of your event.

If you plan on using precall it is highly recommended that you also use GoChip timing.

How do I set up Precall?

  1. Set up a GoChip timing point so that racers will cross it 10-20 seconds before they finish.
  2. Use the the steps shown here to set up your precall device in Zone4 Timing.
  3. Provide your race announcer with a tablet or a computer set to commentator view.


Updated on 2019-06-27

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