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What is GoChip?

Race timing is like launching a rocket. Once the gun goes off, you have ignition, and there is no turning back. You have to be ready, but more importantly, your equipment has to work. Any failures are very public and, in many cases, catastrophic. GoChip is a chip timing system that is developed to be easy to use and fail-safe thanks to its built in data storage technology. With GoChip, you have a reliable and user friendly timing system that you can depend on to always deliver results.


GoChip Facts

  • Can be worn anywhere on an athlete (ankle, wrist, bike, backpack)
  • 1/100 (0.01) second accurate
  • Times are stored in the GoChip along with the loop ID each time the chip passes over the loop
  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to setup timing points
  • Times are broadcast to nearby cell phones. They can also be transmitted later once the GoChip is in range, allowing for remote timing point data collection in areas without connectivity
  • The GoChip system allows for high precision course segment timing for training and racing performance data collection
  • Chips are motion-activated, so battery life is saved when not in use Expected battery life is 3-5 years depending on how much the chip is in motion
  • GoChips are the most advanced timing chip in the World. They are one of only a few chip systems approved by the International Triathlon Union for televised Triathlon World Cup competitions


Weighing only 1 kg, our lightweight and water resistant activators are simple and easy to use. Simply plug in the wire loop and turn them on. Their lithium ion batteries last up to 20 hours.

The wire loop attached to the Activator defines the timing point that racers will cross. The wire loop is arranged in a long rectangle with the Finish Line in the middle of the wire ‘loop’. The GoChip measures the field between the two wires and records the exact time the GoChip crosses the middle point of the two wires.

For events like cycling where racers are moving very fast, place the wires 2m apart. For slower speed events, 1.5m is fine.

Anchoring the loop to the ground is simple. We can provide you with super sticky Gorilla tape to attach the loop to dry pavement. If the pavement is wet, we’ll provide you with a Wet Weather Kit. The wire can also be buried in snow up to 25cm deep. The loops can also be covered with rubber mats or carpets.

Loop spacing – ABSOLUTE MINIMUM 2 meters between adjacent loops to prevent loop interference. Sequential timing points must be spaced such that there is AT LEAST 2 seconds between timing events.

Reading GoChips

GoChips are activated at timing points as they cross over the wire loop of the Activator.  At the peak of the field, the precise time is recorded in the chip.  At any point after, these times are transmit to any listening android phone running the Zone4 app.  The app then relays those times to Zone4 Timing for instant automatic online results display.  If your race is offline, the cell phones can relay the times to your local zone4 server via wifi.  Cell phones can hear chips within at least a 20m range.


Chip Racks

GoChips are shipped in rolls of 100 chips. The rolls act as numbered racks to hold the chips in place. This makes organization and collection of chips after the race much easier as well as keeps the shipping weight and cost low. The rack can be clipped to a tent or wall to make distribution easier.



If you have any questions about GoChip by Zone4, or if you wish try it out with our free test kit rental program, please send us an email at support@zone4.ca or call us during office hours at 1-888-444-0199.

The Zone4 Team

Updated on 2022-10-01

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