What is a Timing Point

In the Zone4 timing software, a timing point refers to one or more timing devices in the same physical location on your race course that work together to assign a time to a racer. Examples of a timing point could be

  • In a simple race where racers start and finish at the same point, the start/finish line would be one timing point
  • In a point-to-point race where racers start in one spot and finish in another, the start would be one timing point and the finish would be a different timing point
  • In a race where racers complete multiple laps of the same course, you might have a split in the middle of the lap. This would be a single timing point in the Zone4 software, regardless of how many racers cross it.

If multiple time assignment devices are configured at the same timing point, the best time from any device (according to the time assignment logic) will be assigned to that racer. If only one device is configured, that time will be assigned to the racer.

What is a Timing Device?

A timing device is a source of times (and optionally, racer numbers) that the Zone4 software uses to create results. Zone4 currently supports the following timing devices:

  • GoChip timing loops
  • The keypad in the Zone4 android app
  • RapidCam photo finish cameras
  • Summit timers
  • Any device that can interface with a summit timer, including photocells or start gates

Timing devices produce two types of records: a raw time with no associated racer, or a time associated with a racer number. For example, when a GoChip crosses the timing loop, it creates a record that includes the time that chip crossed the loop, and a number to identify the racer who was wearing that chip. The timing software can then automatically assign that time to the correct racer.

For records that do not include a racer number, the time is recorded and will be displayed in the times grid, but will not be automatically assigned to the racer. In order to assign a time without a racer number to a racer, somebody must enter that racer’s number in the times grid to confirm which racer the time should be associated with.

Updated on 2020-11-16

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