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How to Assign Racer Numbers if You are Missing Some

If you have lost a bib in your set of ski bibs, or you’re missing a set of racer numbers for your running race, you can use the “Missing Racer Numbers List” feature to help use our automatic racer number assignment tools. This allows you to specify a list of specific bibs, or a range of bibs that will not be automatically assigned to racers.

  1. To specify a list of missing racer numbers, on the Start List tab, under “Assign Racer Numbers“, click the meu and click “Missing Racer Numbers List.”

If this is a Heats race, you can access this feature under the Tools button -> Missing Racer Numbers List.

This opens the missing racer numbers modal pictured below. Simply enter a comma separated list of numbers or number ranges with no spaces.

Note: if this is an individual start cross country or biathlon ski race, it is best practice to start odd bibs number on the 30 seconds and even bib numbers on the minute to keep the starters in a consistent rhythm. As a result, if you are missing a single bib such as 3, you would want to enter both bib 3 AND 4 into your missing racer numbers list in order to maintain the even/odd bib to time alignment.

Once a race has a missing racer numbers list specified, a message is displayed below the first racer number input with the missing racer numbers so it’s clear that is will be applied the next time you click “Assign Racer Numbers“. 

Note: You can still manually assign numbers in the missing racer number list, but it shows you a warning in the racer modal. This can be useful if you have special reserved numbers that you want to exclude from the automatic assignment tools but still give these numbers to specific racers after.

Updated on 2019-12-11

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