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What is the difference between an Assigned Time and a Recorded Time

Recorded Times

A recorded time is any time that has been recorded by a timing device. Recorded times can never be modified or deleted in any way – once a time has been recorded the Zone4 timing system, it will not change.

Recorded times may have a racer number or timing chip ID attatched to them, if they came from a device that is capable of recording that information. Some timing devices, like photocells, do not record which racer a time was associated with. Those recorded times will not have a racer number. Recorded times are not associated with any specific racer, only with a number. When you are viewing all the recorded times for a racer, you are actually viewing all the recorded times for that racer’s number, and if you change the racer’s number you’ll see the list of recorded times update to display the times recorded under the racer’s new number.

Recorded times are also associated with a timing device, but not necessarily with any timing point or split. Viewing a list of times recorded at any timing point is actually a list of times recorded on any devices that are associated with that timing point. You won’t see a list of recorded finish times, just a list of times recorded by the device that is currently set as the finish device. If you change the course setup to have a different finish device, opening the list of recorded times at the finish will display a different list of times.

Assigned Times

An assigned time is a recorded time that has been assigned to a specific split number and to a specific racer. You can edit a racer’s assigned times, or erase them. Modifying the course setup will not automatically change a racer’s assigned time – if a recorded time is assigned as the finish time for a racer, and then you change which device is set to record finish times, that racer’s finish time will not change unless you reprocess that racer.

Times are assigned to a racer automatically by the Zone4 timing software, based on the time assignment rules, the number or timing chip set on the racer, and the race’s configured start and end time.

Updated on 2021-10-06

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