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How do I fix times that have been assigned incorrectly?

In normal operation, as times are recorded from your timing devices they are processed, meaning the times are assigned to racers through a set of rules defined by your timing setup.  This happens automatically – as soon as times are received by our server they get assigned to a racer. If you make any changes to your device setup mid race, or change a racers number, or course group, you will need to re-process times in order for the new configuration to be applied to times that have already been assigned. Changing the timing setup does not retroactively change any racer’s results.

Re-processing a single racer

If you have corrected a racer’s bib number or changed their course group after they have already had some times recorded, you will want to re-process that racer’s times.  Click on a racer’s name from the start list, results, or timing screens to open the Timing tab in the Edit Racer window for that racer:

In the More Options menu at the bottom right, first click Clear all Assigned Times to remove the times that were already assigned to this racer, then click Re-process all Recorded Times.  If some of the times that have been assigned to this racer are correct and you don’t want to re-process them, you can just erase the incorrect times from the racer before clicking Re-process. This will only assign times to locations where no times exist.

Re-processing a single time

You can also re-process single times. To do this, first erase the time you want to replace from the Assigned Times section, then click on the three-dot menu beside the time  you want to replace it with from the list of All Recorded Times and select the Reprocess this time option. The time chosen will automatically get assigned to the first appropriate empty space in Assigned Times.  This process will still follow all the same rules as normal time assignment, so if there is no available slot to assign the time to, or you click on a time that is quicker than your specified minimum lap time, the time will not get assigned.

If the time cannot be assigned to the racer, a message will be displayed indicating why.

Re-processing all Racers in a Course Group

If you have changed the timing setup for a course group after the race has started, you will want to re-process all the racers on that course.  To do this, click the button beside the course group name that needs re-processing on the timing screen:

Times will that have already been assigned will not be re-processed, so the first step is to use the “clear all times” option:

If you have only changed the configuration at a single timing point you may only want to clear a single column, but if you want to completely start from scratch and re-process everybody in the course group, you will need to clear the times from each column individually.  After clearing out the times that you want to re-process, click the Re-Process These Racers button at the top of the list. Re-processing might take a while, but you should see the times start to fill in the grid as it is working.

Updated on 2021-10-06

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