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I’m Timing a Race. What Equipment Do I Need?

Race timing requires preparation. Part of that preparation is having the right equipment and making sure it is all functional ahead of time.  Here is a list of both essential and recommended gear to bring when you’re timing a race.

Zone4 Rental Gear

Many events rent GoChip timing equipment from Zone4. Using GoChip will make timing your event much easier and ensure that you have dependable, accurate timing.  Contact Zone4 to find out more about equipment rentals.


You have your timing equipment, now you need to figure out what other equipment you need. The first thing to look at here is what your venue requirements are. In doing this it is important to ask the following questions:

  • Is there power?: Ideally your venue has power or power close enough to run an extension cord. If not, you will need to look in to using a generator.
  • Is there shelter?: You will need to be sheltered from the elements, ideally with a good view of the finish line. If a shelter does not already exists, bringing a pop up tent may be necessary.
  • Is there Wi-Fi or good cell coverage?: To use Zone4’s web based timing system you will need to have access to the internet. This can be done either by having a wifi hot-spot in your area or tethering from a cell phone. If you do not have either of these at your venue, contact Zone4 about options for timing your race offline.


  • Laptop with Charger: Laptop should be in good working order and preferably have 5Ghz network and bluetooth capabilities.
  • Garbage and Ziplock bags: This is for waterproofing equipment and is essential for phones reading GoChips. Touch screens will work through a ziplock bag so long as bags are kept tight to the screen and there is no moisture in the bag.
  • Cell Phone with charger: If you’re using GoChip, Zone4 can provide you with phones for reading your chips, but you should still have your own personal cell phone on you.
  • Extension cord
  • Power Bar
  • Clipboard or Notebook: Race days can be hectic and you may have multiple issues come up that need your attention. It is nearly impossible to keep on top of things without the ability to quickly write down information.
  • Pens
  • Table and chairs
  • Printer with paper: For printing results. Be sure to test that your printer works with your computer ahead of time. Keep in mind that more and more races are going paper free fro results. Racers can check there live results at Zone4.ca and many races like to use Scrolling Results setup on a tv near the finish line.
  • USB B cord for printer: Even if your printer uses a wifi connection this is a good backup to have.
  • Drill: If you’re using GoChip on pavement you will need a drill to attach your timing loop to the ground in wet weather.
  • Generator: If your venue does not have power.
  • Zip ties
  • Multi-tool: Swiss army knife or Leatherman
  • Tent: If you don’t have a building to set up in.
  • Spare Laptop: Always good to have.
  • TV and HDMI cord: For scrolling tv results. You will also need a laptop devoted only to this job
  • Stapler or tape: For posting printed results.
Updated on 2019-06-28

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