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Using the FDS WINP Photocell


The FDS WINP photocell is a low cost photocell that is FIS homologated till 2035. Notably, this is a device pair that work as transmitter-receiver which we find works better than the transmitter+reflector style which we find is more prone to false triggers. These FDS photocells can be purchased in Canada through http://www.rsstiming.com/ You can download the full manual here: https://fdstiming.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/WIRC-Manual-EN-2.4.pdf but we have put a few configuration notes below from what we have found important for our uses in xc where we can only use this model in wired mode.


On the back of Tag Heuer photocell there is a dial for setting how many seconds of delay you want between pulses. This is critical in XC so we don’t keep getting 2 pulses for every racer when the racers lunge and we get 2 legs crossing. We would normally set that to about 0.3 on a Tag Heuer photocell. With the FDS WINP photocell, you need to download the config app from: https://fdstiming.com/download/ Scroll down to section: WIRC-WINP-WISG : APP & DRIVERS and download the Setup & Reset app as well as the USB Drivers

Once installed, plug the USB cable from the WINP Receiver to your PC and run the Config app. It should default to the correct COM port but you may have to use your windows Device Manager to find the right port # in your Port (COM & LPT) section

Once you have the correct COM Port, you should be able to click Connect and the Info section will fill out.

Set the Lock Time to a value such as 30 which is 0.30 of a second and click Save and then Disconnect. We like to leave the Buzzer ON because it beeps on triggers as well as beeps a warning if the photocell remains out of alignment so you can instruct your volunteers to call up to timing if they hear it beeping when nobody is crossing.


The manual has instructions for turning the units on, but we found the LED colors to be different from the manual so here are the (corrected for our unit) instructions.

The transmitter and Receiver have different power buttons and LED,s but the instructions are the same.
a) Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 1-2 seconds until the battery LED status is GREEN
b) Immediately release the ON/OFF button and quickly repress it (within 1 second) and
hold down until the battery Led status initially turns Yellow and then turns to Green and BEEPS. Release at this point and the 4 Letter LEDs will flash RED twice to indicate no wireless is configures (this is what we want to save battery.) The battery will continue to flash once every few seconds to indicate battery status.
c) To switch OFF WIRC, simply repeat step a and b (until the LED is OFF and you hear it beep again)

The receiver can use either a standard 3.5mm audio male-male cable (either stereo or mono) to go direct to a Summit, or else you can use the FDS provided mono_3.5-to-banana adapter cable to go to a standard banana-to-mono cable that is commonly used for other photocells or start gates.

Updated on 2022-11-20

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