Basic Summit Timer Usage

To turn a summit on

press the “On” button

Set the time on a summit

Summits start at 00:00:00 when they are turned on, and count up from there. Zone4 timing software works in time-of-day, so summits should always be synced to the current time, either by the summit sync tool on a serverbox, the sync cable from an activator, or manually. to manually set the summit time,

  • hold down the ctrl button and press the 5 key
  • type in the time you want to sync to, including using the colon key to separate hours, minutes and seconds. usually you’ll want to sync to a time at least 15s in the future.
  • when you have finished entering the time, press the enter key
  • wait until the actual time of day matches the time you entered into the summit. If you have internet access, opening on your phone is a great way to see an accurate time of day. When the real time matches the time you entered into the summit, hit the “impulse” key to start the summit clock

Recording Racer Times

there are two methods to record racer times on a summit.

The simplest is to type the racer’s bib number, then press the “enter” key when the racer crosses the line.

Alternately, type the racer’s bib number and then press the “POST” key. When the racer crosses the line, press the “impulse” key to record that time and store it with the number that was posted. If you have a plunger, photocell, start wand, or any other time input source connected to the “channel 1” port on the summit, recording a time on that device is equivalent to pressing the impulse key. (this behaviour is configurable, but all Zone4’s rental summits are configured to post on channel 1. If your club owns summits, we recommend keeping yours the same way to avoid confusion)

Recording times from external devices

Summits have 5 ports on the back, labeled 1, 2, 3, 4, 9. If you are recording times on an external device, make sure you note which channel that device is connected to, as you’ll need to select the appropriate channel in the timing software. The channel the device is connected to will be stored alongside the time that is recorded when the switch is closed.

We usually cover the un-used ports with tape to make it easy to recover if something becomes unplugged during the race.

To turn a summit off

hold the “Ctrl” button and press “.” then type 1-2-3 and press the enter button. Or remove the top two batteries.

Change the batteries

The top two batteries are the timer batteries. The timer portion uses very little power and these batteries will last for many races. removing the top two batteries will stop the time on the summit and cause any data stored on the summit to be lost.

The bottom two batteries are the “auxilary batteries”. If the summit starts beeping and a message saying “low aux battery” appears on screen, it’s referring to these two batteries. They are used to power the wireless communication module, and will only last 4-6hrs depending on the temperature. We recommend starting every race with fresh aux batteries. You can remove these lower two batteries and replace them mid-race without affecting the timer operation or losing any data.

Updated on 2022-08-04

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