Connecting Summits to a ServerBox

Warning: Never re-sync summits during a race. 

Connecting the Summit Modem

Connect your Summit Modem to one of the USB ports on the local server before powering it up. If your server is already on you will need to turn it off before connecting the summit modem and powering it back up. You do not need to connect your summit modem to a power source since the USB connection provides enough power to the modem.

Then turn on your Summit(s). 

Syncing Summit Times

Next Log into your local server. Once there click the Manage ServerBox button.

Then under “Summit Timers” select your Time Zone and Sync Summit Time.

Warning: Never re-sync summits during a race. 

Once this is done you should hear your summits beep and they will now have the correct time of day displayed on their screen.

The synced summits will now be available as timing devices on your local server.

Updated on 2019-03-28

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