Scrolling Results on a TV

(4 large scrolling tv displays at the Canadian Birkebeiner.)

Paper results are time consuming to print and post, and need to be re-printed constantly throughout the day as racers finish.  This is why many races are now moving away from printed paper and going completely digital.  To complement the automatic live result features of Zone4, many race organizers bring a large TV to races to display scrolling results.  These results update automatically as racers finish and often completely eliminate the need for paper results.

The scrolling TV results can be enabled on any result set and will display whatever fields and times you have configured to appear.  So you can setup a result set specifically for Scrolling TV or use one of your existing result sets.   When viewing the result set, click Publish & Print -> Scrolling (TV).

This opens a new window and starts scrolling the results.  At the bottom you will see two settings for Scrolling Speed and Zoom.  Use these settings to customize the display based on how many fields you have to display and how large your screen is.  Once set to the desired zoom and speed, click Full Screen to have the scrolling window take up the maximum screen area.

A scrolling TV display will quickly become the post-race social hub of an event.

Updated on 2017-04-13

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