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FAQ: How many Timing Chips do I need?

For a normal race

For most races, each racer needs one timing chip. Timing chips can be worn on either ankle or wrist, be strapped to a bike, or a backpack.

To help us manage our rentals and ensure we have enough gear for everybody, GoChips are rented in racks of 50 or 100. We always recommend renting 5-10% more than you need to accomodate late registrants or changes on race day.

For a professional or televised event

For professional or televised events, don’t take any chances. Put two timing chips on each racer so everybody still gets a time even if a timing chip is damaged or falls off during the race.

For a paralymic or adaptive race

Because of the unique requirements of adaptive sports equipment, we recommend having a few extra timing chips on hand. This is especially important for triathlon, where athletes may need to wear a chip on their ankle during the swim, but then be sitting on their legs during the bike.

Timing chips should always be affixed to the exterior of the body or any equipment. In any situation where an athlete may block the timing chip with their body an additional timing chip should be added to their equipment.

Can a timing chip be re-used later in the day?

Yes, but we strongly recommend against this. It is virtually guaranteed that at least one racer will not return their chip in time for the racer who needs to use it later in the day. It also adds a lot of extra data into the timing UI – if you have to investigate any issues regarding a chip that was used twice, you’ll have to keep track of which racer was using it at which time.

Updated on 2019-09-29

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