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Entering New Registrants

On the public registration form

The simplest way to collect registrations is to share the link to the public registration form with your participants or club members and ask them to enter their own information. You can find the link to the registration form on the Publish page:

As a signed-in administrator

If you have collected registrant information outside of the public registration form hosted on the Zone4 website (for example, on paper forms), you can use the admin interface to enter it into the system to include those people in your reporting.  This tool will allow you to enter people outside the normal registration deadlines, as well as over-riding some mandatory field validation.

To add registrants, navigate to the Reports page for your registration form and then find the Add a Registrant button.

Mandatory Fields

Signed-in administrators are not required to enter information for all mandatory fields. However, some fields may be required by a provincial or national membership system. Until those fields are filled out, the registrant will be marked as incomplete and hidden from reports.

Time Travel

If your registration form has early or late fees set up, you may want to mark a person as having registered on a date other than the date you enter them in to the system. By default, all registrants get the time they were entered as their “registration date”. The registration date and time can be found on a registrants cart page by clicking on the vertical ellipsis and selecting “Modify Registration Date” from the drop down menu.

If you would like to set this manually instead of using the current time, you can also modify the registration date on the same page.

This will calculate fees on any date and time you set, rather than time you are entering the cart.  If there are multiple people in the cart and you want to modify the registration date for only one person, click on the ellipsis next to the persons name and click “Edit this Person” from the drop down menu. From there, select the vertical ellipsis and select the “Modify Registration Date” option from the drop down menu.

Saving your newly added cart

When you have added everybody you need to a cart, click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the screen.save-cart

If the registration has fees associated with it, after saving you will be given the opportunity to mark the cart as paid:

This is purely for your own record keeping, it will not automatically charge fees to registrants and will not charge any money to the registrants or affect your processing fees or any divisional membership fees that the registrant might be eligible for.


After you have marked a cart as paid, you will be given the option to send a receipt.  If you skip this step, you can always send a receipt at a later time by clicking the “Send Receipt” button at the top of your window.

Incomplete Carts

When you are adding carts, you can save a partially entered cart without entering all the mandatory fields.  It will be marked as “Incomplete” and until you fill out all the mandatory fields, they will be highlighted in red.  To fill out a mandatory field and complete the registration, click the blue “Edit this Cart” button at the top of the screen and then click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom when you are done.


You can get back to incomplete carts using the “Incomplete” filter on the find a cart page:

Deleting a Cart

If you have added a cart by accident, or you need to delete a cart for any other reason, you can delete a cart by clicking on the vertical ellipsis in the top right corner of the cart page and selecting “Delete this Cart” from the drop down menu. This will remove the cart and all the people in it from your list of carts and any reports.

Updated on 2023-07-31

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