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Using the “All Event Discount” feature

On each option on an “Option Fee” field you add to a registration form, you’ll see an an “All Events Discount” input.  This feature allows you to offer a discounted rate to registrants who select all the fees that have this discount set.  The most common usage is, as the name implies, to offer a discount to somebody who registers for all events on a registration form that offers registration for multiple events.

To use this feature, first make sure you have a separate fee for each event.  On each of those fee fields, enter the amount you would like to discount that specific event by.  For example, if you have a “Saturday Race Fee” field and a “Sunday Race Fee” field, and they are each $10, and you would like to offer a $5 discount to people who have registered for both days, you can enter $2.50 in the “all events discount” box for each fee.  The discount amount you enter will be applied to the fee field you enter it on, and will only be applied if all the fields that have an “all events discount” set are selected.  So if you also have a merchandise fee field on the registration form, it will not be affected by either of the “event” fee fields if it does not also have an “all events” discount set on it.

Updated on 2018-11-28

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