Uploading Racers from a Spreadsheet

This is the process for uploading people into a race. For information about uploading club members into the registration system, please see this page.

You can upload racers into the Zone4 race timing system from a CSV file.  This is a standard file format that can be exported by Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, and other applications. You must save the file as a .csv file type. We cannot accept .xls, xlsx, or .numbers file formats. If our file includes special characters, it needs to be saved as a UTF-8 File type

Please see your spreadsheet software’s help docs for instructions on saving CSV files:

Formatting the CSV File

Data from the CSV file will not upload unless it is formatted correctly. Each column in your spreadsheet will be uploaded as a field in the Zone4 Race Timing System. There is no limit to what you add. To add common fields such as name, bib numbers, sex/gender, age, and timing chip, the column headers and the data fields must follow the format outlined below.

The first row in the file must contain column headers.

First and Last Names

Note that the file will not upload unless you have columns named “first_name” and “last_name”.


Use the column header “bib” to assign Racer Numbers.


If the column header is “gender” or “sex”, the data in that column should be “m”, “male”, “f”, or “female”.  Other values are valid and will not cause errors when uploading, but only male and female groups will be created for results or start groups.  Racers with a value that isn’t male or female will be grouped into a “Gender: Not Set” group on the results.

Age/Birth Date

If all the data in a column is in the format YYYY-MM-DD, it will be created as a date field. Date fields can be used to calculate ages. The header can be “age” or “birth date”.

Timing Chips

Use the column header “chip” or “chip_list” to set the “Chip Numbers” field on racers. This will assign timing chips to racers. The data for the “chip” column should be a single chip name, e.g. “A1”, or a comma separated list of chips for racers or teams with multiple chips, e.g. “A1, B1, C1”.

If all the data in a column is numeric, the column will be imported as a number field.  Number fields can be used to create groups on the results (for example, age groups).

Other Fields

You can add any other fields in your spreadsheet and it will be added in the Zone4 Race Timing System. These could include race distance, city, or club. You can then create course groups based on these fields, as well as display these fields in your results.

Uploading Racers when Creating the Race

On the create a race page, you will see an option to Upload Racers from a CSV File.  Select that option, and then select your CSV file.

After uploading the file, you will be prompted to select the data type of each field. Any fields you might want to use to create categories in the race need to be “option” fields.

Uploading Racers into an Existing Race

You are able to upload another CSV file after you have created the race and imported racers. This is a useful tool when there are late registrants.

However, if the race already exists, there are strict requirements for the second CSV file. All fields must match the fields already present in the race. Additionally, you are only able to upload new racers. Do not upload racers that are already in the race file.

To upload new racers after the race is created, navigate to the Racers page:

Click Uploading a CSV File:

A window will open where you’ll find a Download Template button and a Choose File button. First, click Download:

The template file shows you exactly which fields you must include on your second CSV file.

You must use this template to add any new racers to your race file. 

If your race contains any option fields, you’ll see a list of allowed values in the Upload Racers from CSV File window:

When uploading racers after the race has been created, make sure you are only uploading new racers that haven’t already been uploaded. If you upload the same racer twice, they will appear in the race twice.

Note that once you have imported your racers, the system will do it’s best to match the columns from your spreadsheet to the correct field type. However, it will not always get it right so sometimes you may need to manually change the field types in your race file.

Updated on 2019-08-23

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