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How do I get new racers from a Zone4 registration form?

Making changes to the registration data will not automatically update the racer information.  Creating a race from a registration form creates a copy of the registration data at that point in time, so that your race data remains stable even if you make changes to your registration data. The system has been designed this way so that you can modify and re-use registration data without affecting your race file. This is useful if for example you create a single registration form for a race series and leave it open all season while running a race every weekend.

To update your racer information to match the registration data, navigate to the Racers tab on your race and click on the “Import from Registration” button:

Here you will have two options under the Import from Registration Form section:

  • Import New Registrants Only imports only the people who don’t exist in your race yet. This is generally the recommended method as it does not override changes you may have already made to racers registration data in Zone4 Timing.
  • Re-import all Registrants updates the data for all registrants to match your registration data. This is to say that any racer data you may have already edited in Zone4 Timing will be changed back to match the data in your registration form. For that reason this is not recommended for most cases.

Note that: Changes you make in the race timing interface will never overwrite the original registration data.

Updated on 2020-03-01

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