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ATTENTION: The Summit Bridge Feature isn’t supported anymore by Zone4. You can use it at your own risk. We cannot guarantee that it will work for you. To use Summits Timers, we recommend using a Zone4 Serverbox. Contact us at to rent or buy a Serverbox.


ONCE YOUR CLUB HAS USED A SUMMIT NUMBER WITH SUMMIT BRIDGE, THAT SUMMIT NUMBER WILL NOT WORK ON A SERVERBOX. if you record times on the summit bridge on summit #1, then summit #1 will never work on a serverbox again. no times will be sent to the serverbox. If your club is using summit bridge for some races and serverboxes for other races, you must reprogram your summits to different numbers (ctrl+6) when you switch between summit bridge and serverbox. serverboxes support summit device numbers up to 16.

Summit Bridge Usage

Wireless Summit Timers require a local serial connection to a wireless modem to communicate.  The local wireless modem must be connected to a PC running software to handle that communication.  The old PC based Zone4 Timing software performed this function and so in order to enable clubs to use the new web based software while still using wireless Summits, a feature has been added to the PC software to relay collected Summit times up to the internet.

Downloading the latest version of legacy PC Software to a Windows 10 PC

You can download the latest version of the Zone4 PC application here (8.9.8):
Full Install:  (70 mb)
Note that although the legacy Zone4 PC application can work on windows 7 and XP, the Summit Bridge feature ONLY works from a Windows 10 PC.  This is because of increased security protocols that were mandated on the live server that windows 7 and XP do not contain. 

Setting up the Summit Bridge

Sync Computer Clock

Manually ensure the Windows computer clock is synchronized to internet time BEFORE synchronizing Summits. Use a site like to check the synchronization of your computer.

Start by creating or opening a race file as normal.  You’re just using the race file to ‘hold’ the times before they are sent up to the internet (in case you lose your internet connection for instance.)   If your file is before the Commit Setup stage you don’t need to commit setup before accessing the Summit Control panel, you can access from the Tools -> Summit System Control Panel menu option.  This is a shortcut to communicating with your summits and all you have to do it type in the maximum number of Summit’s in use and hit “Start Summit Communication.”

Syncing the Summit Time

All recorded times in the web-based timing software must be recorded in time-of-day.  Click the Synch to PC Time button in the “summit systems timers” window to sync your summits to your computer’s current time.

After your summits are synced to the current time, click the “Start Sending Times to” button and it will open and start the “Live Times” window.


The window will attempt to establish a connection with the internet.

Whenever times are received into your race file, they are immediately synced up to the internet.

Once the first time from a Summit is sent, that device will appear online in the list of devices that can be assigned to your races.  On Summit Timers, the default is to take all times on a Summit and treat them equally.  If needed you can choose to only accept times from a specific channel number on the summit.

See 3. Device Setup for further details on working with the new software and device setup.

Updated on 2023-03-07

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