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Sending Membership cards or Passes to your registrants

You can send a member card to your registrants when they sign up, to be used as proof of registration. To do this, find the “Member Cards” option on the basic settings page of your registration form:

Then click the button to create a membership card. This will present you with a few options:


Your membership card can expire on a fixed date, for example if you season ends on April 1, you can simply set that as the expiry date and it will be printed on all membership cards

If a membership will be on a rolling basis, you can choose to have the membership expire after a fixed period of time. For example, if a membership lasts for a year, enter 365 days and the card will be marked as expiring one year from when the person registered


By default, the membership cards contain a barcode. This can be read by the barcode-scanner app on a smartphone or any barcode reader capable of scanning 2d barcodes. It contains a URL that can be used to verify that the membership is valid.
If you prefer not to use this, you can choose not to include the barcode on the membership card.
If you’re looking for a barcode scanner app for android, this one is free, has no ads, and seems to work well.

Contact information

By default, the contact information that has been set on your registration form will be printed on the card. If you would rather print some other text in the top right of the card, you can click the Edit Contact Info link to change it to any other text, but please be aware that there is no text wrapping or handling of oversized text – if you enter more than what fits in that space, it will simply be cut off.

If you choose not to show any contact information on the top right of the card, the logo or image you upload will be able to fill the complete upper width of the card.

Three lines of dynamic text

The main content of the membership card is the three lines of text under the logo. Line 1 is always bold and slightly larger than the following two lines. By default, these lines display:

  • the registrant’s first name and last name on line 1
  • a randomly generated unique ID on line 2
  • the expiry date on line 3

All three of these lines can be customized to show the value of any field on the registration form, and can display any fixed text of your choice before the registrant’s unique value. You can also choose not to display any registration field on a line if you just want to display some custom text.

If you have uploaded a logo for your club, it will be automatically added to the card. If you have not uploaded a logo, or you would like to use a different image on the card, you can upload any image you would like to use.

Background Color

The background color should be entered as an RGB hex color. If your web browser supports it, you’ll see a color picker that you can choose a color from.

Email options

Member cards will be emailed to registrants shortly after they register. You can customize the reply-to address, subject line, and body of the email. You cannot include any dynamic text in the body of the email – it will be the same for everybody. Once a membership card has been emailed, another one will not be automatically emailed to that same registrant. If you edit their information and would like to send a new card, you will need to follow the instructions here to re-send their card.

The email will include the member card as a PDF attachment sized to be printed on a sheet of letter paper, as well as a PNG image in the body of the email. For example:

Sending a card only to some registrants

If you would like to send a card only to certain registrants, you can use the tools to specify some criteria. These work in the same way as setting the filters on a registration report.


In order for a member card to be sent, the registration form must have an email address field on it, and the registrant must have entered a single valid email address in that field. Member cards can only be sent to individuals, not to carts, and will only be sent to one email address per registrant.

You cannot use the member cards feature on a registration form with only cart fields.

Updated on 2020-10-27

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