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What are Preset Fields and when should I use them?

Preset Fields are standardized fields that cover many of the most commonly used elements of a registration form such as; Name, Address, City, Postal Code, Email etc.  As well as covering common fields, Preset Fields also cover a variety of specialty fields such as CCC licence and UCI licence.

  • The registration system copies many of these fields forward for each member so that registrants don’t have to keep typing them in for each family member.
  • Selecting them from a list makes for a much faster process when creating your registration form.
  • If registrants use the QuickList feature to store their registration information and that of family members, the Preset Fields will all be pre-filled by the matching standardized field in their Quicklist data. This will make your registration much more user friendly.
  • The system has bilingual captions stored for these fields and will display the appropriate language on either side of the bilingual form. All custom fields are unilingual and any bilingual text must be written into each caption / description when configuring the field.
  • For ski clubs that are members of provincial divisions, the preset fields also correspond to standardized fields in the Divisional Membership System. This allows each individual member to be imported into the provincial system automatically making reporting and invoicing much easier.
  • Some fields have special logic attached to them including the CCC Membership field, CCC Waiver field, CCC Licence, FIS Licence, Club, Team, PostalCode, DOB, and Gender so it is important to use these fields instead of custom alternatives.

Preset Fields should be used whenever possible for their intended data type. This is because these fields are associated with standard fields in reporting and in Zone4’s race timing software. When you create a registration you may have preset fields already assigned to your form. These vary depending on what type template you selected in the create a registration page. Using Preset Fields has several advantages including:

To add Preset Fields click the Add a Form Element button at the bottom of the form editor, and select the field type you want to use from the list of preset fields:

Each preset field can only be used once on the registration form, and can only be added as an Individual Field.

Updated on 2019-02-18

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