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How to summarize fees per remittance deposit

Every remittance deposit is accompanied with an email statement detailing which carts are included in each bank deposit.  Some clubs want to be able to record in their accounting software how much of each deposit should be allocated to different chart of accounts or programs.  Although Zone4 is working on a longer terms chart of accounts feature, we have recently added filtering capability to the Summary page that accomplishes much of what was needed for the clubs to record the required numbers on a per-deposit basis.  In order to access this feature, start by going to the desired registration, click on Reports and then and click Transactions.

From the “Transactions” filter at the top left, choose the “Remittances“.

In the Remittances view, transactions are grouped by Remittance Deposit date.  On the black bar row summarizing each deposit, you will see a link that says “Summary“.

Clicking Summary takes you over to the Summary report and pre-fills in the Date and Time of the First and Last cart in that deposit.  This effectively filters the summary to all of the carts included in that deposit and gives you totals for each of the fee and options fields on your registration.

The summary report returns values of the CURRENT state of your registration data and includes any changes, additions, deletions you have made since the original cart was received.  So for instance if you have changed someone’s program after they register, that change WILL be reflected in the summary totals.  But admin-side changes don’t affect how much money is remit to the club as Zone4 always remits the original amount regardless of deletions and edits.  As a result, the summary totals may not correlate exactly with your deposit totals.  Depending on your accounting needs, this may be an important consideration to keep in mind.

Updated on 2020-11-24

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