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Early Bird or Late Registration pricing

  1. Go to the “Payment Options” tab on your registration

2. Click the link that says “Set Early of Late Registration Dates”.

3. You can set a Date/Time in “Price 2 Fees take effect” at which time your fee options will switch from their Price 1 amount, to a higher Price 2 amount.  The same goes for the 3rd price level.

On all of your Fee field types, you can set Price 1, Price 2, and Price 3 values which will come into affect during the corresponding registration dates.


When editing registration fee fields, you will see fields for Price 2 and Price 3. These price levels automatically come into effect once the date passes the Price 2 and Price 3 dates above. Below is where you would set Price 2 and Price 3 amounts on a Single Choice Fee Grouping.

Updated on 2017-04-27

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