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How do I Create Awards Results?

You may need to produce a results set that only has the top 3 or 5 racers in a given category to be used for awards. This is usually done so that race organizers can have a list of only racers receiving awards. This can simplify the awards presentation for the event organizer.

To do this you will first need to make a new result set. Most of the time for awards you can simply make a copy of an already existing result set (the one that awards will be based off of). To do this navigate to your desired result set and select “New Result Set” from the more menu as shown below.make sure you are on the correct results set then select the create new results option as pictured below.

Then give the result set a name (often Awards Results) and select the “Copy from current result set” option as shown below.

Once you have created your new results set select the “Configure” ¬†as pictured below.

Once there under the “Racer Display Options” select “Only Show the Top Racers”. You will then have a box appear where you can select the number of racers you want to display in each group.

You do not necessarily need to create a new results set for awards results, but any changes you make to the display options on a public results set will be publicly visible – if you limit your public results to only show the top three racers, then people checking the results online will only see three racers.

Updated on 2019-06-27

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