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Do I need to rent timing equipment, or can I just enter racer times on the computer?

If you have a low enough number of racers crossing your finish line that you can keep up with typing in racer numbers as they cross the line, you can open a keypad on your computer or phone and do exactly that.  If you expect more than one racer every 15-20 seconds on average, we usually recommend using chip timing instead.

Using an Android Phone

Download and install the Zone4 Go Android by clicking this link.  When the app is installed, open it and click the three dots in the top right corner of the screen to open the menu.

Click the first item in the menu, Settings, and then click General.  In the following screen, find the Device Name option and give your phone a name.  It doesn’t matter what you choose, but you’ll have to remember it to add your phone to the race.

Click the back button to get back to the main settings page, and then click Sync.

In your web browser, navigate to the Course Setup page and find the Device Auth Code near the top of the screen.  Enter this code in the Club PIN Code field on the Android app and tap OK.

On the Course Setup screen in your web browser, scroll down to the timing point that the phone will be positioned at, and click the Select a Timing Device button.  In the list of devices, find the name that you gave this phone and select it.

On the phone, press the back button twice to return to the keypad screen of the app and you are ready to enter racer numbers.

Enter a racer number using the number buttons and then tap the + button to record a time. The time you tap the + button will be recorded as that racer’s time.

Using a Web Browser

Creating a Keypad on your computer is another way of entering times that does not require any equipment. Using an Android phone is a more reliable method to record times in an actual race – you’re less likely to miss a racer on a handheld device than if you’re sitting beside the computer – but the web keypad is a great way to record some fake data if you are familiarizing yourself with the Zone4 timing software.

Navigate to “Course Setup” in Zone4 timing.

In the timing devices section, find the timing point you would like to record times at and click the “Record Times on this Computer” option.

A keypad will be opened in a new window.  You can use this to enter times for racers either by tapping the on-screen buttons or by typing racer numbers on your computer keyboard.  The time the enter button is pressed will be recorded as the time for that racer.

Updated on 2019-06-27

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