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Display Elements are sections that you can add to a registration form to divide your form various sections or to provide extra information to your registrants. Using Display Elements will make your form more user friendly and easier to navigate. It is up to you how much, or if, you use these features. Using them is however recommended, especially if you are collecting a lot of information and have a long registration form. There are four different types of form elements covered below.

Text Block

A text block is a section of the page that can include text, links, instructions, or any other information you want to be displayed on the public registration form.To format a piece of text, highlight it and select the formatting option from the toolbar that appears above the selection.  You can make text bold or italic, control the alignment, and add links to other websites.


Separators break the registration form into visible blocks, that have a darker background color and a border.  You can use separators to group the fields on your registration form into logical sections, breaking up long forms into smaller chunks so people don’t get confused as they’re scrolling though the fields.


Headings are a way of giving titles to various sections of your registration form and are often used in combination with Separators.  It is recommended to insert headings after a separator as this will clearly display various segments of your registration form. An example of headings being used with Separators is pictured below. Headings are circled and arrows point to separators.


When adding form elements try previewing how they look on the “Public Side” of your registration form.

Updated on 2018-04-01

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