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Nordiq Canada Membership Introduction

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Welcome to the Nordiq Canada Membership System. Nordiq Canada has partnered with Zone4 to offer member clubs a streamlined and hassle free signup process for your club members. Zone4 brings over 15 years of experience in registration and data services for cross country ski clubs in Canada and the new partnership offers to make life even easier for Canadian ski clubs through enhanced automation, advanced reporting capabilities, and centralized operations.

The new Nordiq Canada membership system offers the following benefits:
  • Zone4 can host your club’s membership registration on our advanced online registration platform that offers unmatched flexibility to meet your club’s unique needs.
  • Automatic Nordiq Canada/Division membership fee calculation at time of online entry.
  • Automatic invoicing and EFT debit/credit for moving collected credit card funds to your club’s account and for collecting invoice amounts for payment to your Division/Nordiq Canada.
  • Access to advanced features such as automaticFitness Tax Credits and built in Communicationcentre.
  • No need to ever write another cheque to your Division or submit any membership lists manually.
  • State of the art Registration Reporting and payment tracking for your club.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manually enter members

Once you have setup a live registration form, you can manually enter any paper registrations or other manual entries via the Carts tab in your Registration Reporting side of the registration. Click on the Carts tab and use theAdd Cart button. If you need to upload a larger set of manual entries via CSV file, follow the steps in Upload.

What is EFT Debit

EFT (electronic funds transfer) is the standard way in which funds are moved between banks. Anytime you pay an invoice automatically from your bank (such as utilities, taxes, bill payments, it is done via EFT. There is no cost to you for EFT debits or credits being performed on your bank account (other than as a standard per-transaction fee that some banking plans levy – which would be the same as a cheque.) Zone4 remits collected credit card funds weekly by EFT debit and will also EFT debit any invoices due for Nordiq Canada/Division invoices and any Zone4 processing fees that may be due.

Our Club requires 2 signatures for cheques

EFT Debit is not the same as cheques and do not require any signatures to be processed. Invoices are sent on a Monday and debited the following Thursday so you have several days notice of any pending debit to ensure sufficient funds are available.

Our club does a signup day

Club signup days are a great social event and highly encouraged to generate community for your club. They can create a pain for the club registrar though dealing with a bunch of paper forms and entering all that data by hand. If your clubs is offline, then you may have no choice but to manually capture member data into a local excel file or on paper. But many clubs that have signup days just being a set of laptops to their club signup day and get them online so they can take advantage of their online registration having club members enter all their details themselves which saves countless hours for your club registrar. This approach also takes advantage of the Nordiq Canada Panel and the $1/person discount by Nordiq Canada.

We have members in our club that are not Nordiq Canada Members

A number of clubs have mixed registrations with cross country members as well as biathlon, alpine, or other sports that do not get reported as members to Nordiq Canada. In order to not have them charged the Nordiq Canada/Division fees, use the Non-Nordiq Canada Member NSO Category.

How does the system recognize if someone is an existing Nordiq Canada member.

Forcing people to create accounts, remember passwords, or enter special membership numbers are all significant barriers to a simple and user-friendly registration process. These kinds of schemes are also error prone and frustrating to use. Zone4 has designed an advanced algorithm that compares the registration details of each individual and compares those details to previously entered information. This system determines if someone has registered already in another club or even another province. It uses the first name, last name and date of birth entered to ensure that the member does not pay their Nordiq Canada or Divisional membership fees a 2nd time in the given year. This means that if a club elects to use the “Included in Club Fees” option, a member who has already signed up and paid their fee will have the Nordiq Canada/Div fees deducted from the club fees on subsequent registrations. For this reason, we encourage clubs not to include the Nordiq Canada/Div fees in their own membership fees. It’s far simpler to have it charged per-person and let the system determine automatically if a member has already registered in which case it is waived on subsequent entries.

Updated on 2022-11-09

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