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What do the numbers in the registration summary represent?

At the bottom of the registration summary page, you will find the following totals:

Total Registration Fees

The Total Registration Fees is the sum of the dollar amount of all registration fee options selected by registrants.

Total Revenue

This is the total of all payments made by registrants, whether they are credit card payments made through Zone4, credit card payments made through your merchant account, or cash/cheque payments directly to your club that have been entered into the registrant’s carts. It does not include outstanding payments.

Net Revenue

The net revenue is the total revenue minus Zone4’s processing fees, any division fees that have been collected, and any refunds that have been made to registrants.

Zone4 Processing Fees

This is the Zone4 processing fees paid by your club. If you have chosen to have Zone4 charge the processing fees directly to the registrants, this will only be the processing fees for people who have payed your club directly (e.g through cash/cheque).

Club Processing Fees

Clubs that have their own merchant account can choose to charge an extra percentage fee to their registrants, to cover the cost of credit card processing.  This is the total of those extra fees.

Division Fees

If fees are being collected on this registration form for a provincial or national sport organization as part of the Zone4 divisional membership system, this is the net of any fees that have been charged to your club for those members, as well as any refunds that have been processed for membership fees.

Cash Refunds

This is the total of all refunds that you have recorded in Zone4.

Previously Remitted

This is the total amount that Zone4 has transferred to (or from) your organization’s bank account. Funds are marked for transfer on Monday or Tuesday and actually transferred on Thursday, so this total may include transactions that have started the transfer process but have not actually been deposited in your bank account yet.  You can click through to the list of all transactions in each remittance and see the transfer date.

Pending Remittance

These funds have been collected by Zone4 but have not been marked for transfer yet, either because they do not exceed the remittance threshold you set or they are waiting for the next remittance period to start.

Processing fees paid by registrants

These are the processing fees that Zone4 charged the registrants.  These processing fees are not included in any of the other totals listed here.

Tax Collected

This is the total tax paid by your registrants and collected by Zone4 on your organization’s behalf. All tax collected through Zone4 is paid to your organization along with the other registration fees, and it is your responsibility to pay those taxes to the government. If you have not set a tax rate on your registration form, then Zone4 has not collected any taxes from your registrants and this line will not be displayed.

Outstanding Payments

An outstanding payment means that the total of all the fees selected in a registration cart is greater than the amount paid for that cart. The outstanding payments total displayed on the summary is the sum of all the outstanding payments across all carts in the registration.

Updated on 2019-07-19

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