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Using the Scheduled Start Time for Timing

When building your race file you will assign racers or start groups scheduled start times. By default these times are only for scheduling purposes and will not be used for timing.

If you want to override the default setting and use first navigate to the Settings page and below “Race Start Settings” set Record Finish Times to After the Scheduled start time as is shown below.

Now the start time that you have scheduled in your start list will be used as a Recorded Start time. This means that once the start time has passed racers will be shown as on course and times they record at future timing points will be assigned.

If your start time ends up being delayed you can still override the scheduled start time by recording a start time on a device assigned to the start or by using the Manage Start Times button in the Timing Page. Both these options are shown below.

Start Device
Updated on 2019-06-28

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