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Time Factors (for Paralympic or Paranordic races)

If you are timing a race format where racers’ total time is corrected by some factor, you can use the “Time Factor” setting in our timing software.  This is most commonly used for paralympic races, but may also be used for something like rollerski races where the racer’s results are corrected for rollerski wheel speed.

Enabling the Time Factor Field

On the 1. Settings page for your race, scroll down and click “Standard Racer Fields”.

Then toggle on the “Enable the Time Factor field” setting.

Setting a Racer’s Time Factor

When the time factor field setting is enabled, click on a racer in the start list, results, or racer list and click on their ‘Timing’ tab. Scroll to the bottom of the “Assigned Times” panel on the left and put the desired Time Factor in the highlighted box below.

This is a percentage that the final time will be multiplied by.  In this example, if the racer has a 98% time factor and finishes their race in 10 minutes, their final time will be displayed as 9:52.  If you do not set a time factor for a racer, but include them in results where time factor calculation is used, they will be given a factor of 100% (meaning their time will not be changed).

Enabling Adjusted Time Display on Results

By default, even if you have added the time field and configured a time factor on racers, the results will still display actual race times, not adjusted times.  To use the time factor when calculating results, find the Edit this group option in the  menu beside the results group you want to enable time factors on, and select the Use time factors when calculating results option.  This must be set for each result group that you want to enable time factors on, there is no way to enable it for a whole result set at this time.

If you are using time factors when you calculate results, it’s probably a good idea to display the Time Factor that was used in the calculation.  You can do this by selecting it under the Racer Fields to Display section on that same Edit this group screen where you selected to use time factors.

When time factor calculation is enabled, another column will be added to the results labeled “Finish”, this is the racer’s actual finish time without the time factor applied.  The racer’s time with the factor applied will be included in the “Time” column.

Updated on 2021-11-13

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