Timing a Hill Climb or Descent

If your race includes a “King of the Mountain” segment, timed descents, or any other sort of race within a race, you can use the Timed Segments feature of our software.

Timing Setup

You do not need to perform any special timing setup.  You can configure segment timing between any two timing points in your race, whether they are mid-lap splits, lap points, or the race start or finish.

Results Setup

Create a new Result set for your hill climb results.   For more on creating a result set, see the Setting up Results help page.

By default, the newly created result set will include all splits (you can see the 5 columns in the screenshot below). To select timed segments for a result group, click the Edit this Group button beside a group on the results.

  1. Then, 

In the popup window that follows, find the Edit Timed Segments option in the More Options menu.

Select the segments of your race that are part of the hill climb.  You’ll see a list of all the timing points in your race, check off the timing points that represent the the end of a segment. In this example, our hill climb segment starts at the “1km split” timing point, runs through the “5km split” timing point to the “Summit” timing point, so i have checked off the “5km Split” and “Summit” points.

The Apply to All button will only be visible if there are multiple categories that the configuration can be applied to.  If you only have one category, or the other categories are racing on a different course, you will only see the save button.

Including Timed Segments on Overall Results

To include the hill climb results on your overall race results, go to the Configure screen for your overall results (If you do not have an overall result set yet, you need to create one.  It does not have to be called overall results, you can add your hill climb results to any other result set)

On the configure screen, under “racer fields” you will find the “King/Queen of the mountain” result set we created earlier.  Select it as a field to be displayed on this result set.

You can then click View Results and you’ll see the Hill Climb results included on your overall result set, with the time first and then the racer’s ranking on the hill climb in parentheses beside it.

In this case, because the overall results are not separated by gender and the hill climb results are, it has choses the category names from the hill climb results as the label to display.  We can edit the category names on our hill climb result set from “Male” and “Female” to “King of the Mountain” and “Queen of the mountain” to make this look a bit better.

If your category names are the same on the overall results and the hill climb results, it will use the result set name instead of the category name as the field caption.

Updated on 2018-09-26

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