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Setting Custom Text in a Racer’s Finish Time or Status Field

Race results contain two primary fields that are calculated automatically based on recorded times: the rank, in the left-most column, and the time in the right-most column.  This document will show how to override these calculated values with your own custom text. First, go to the settings page and scroll to the bottom where you will click on the Standard Racer Fields button. From there hit the Allow Rank & Time Override switch to ON.

When this box is checked, simply go to the racers Timing Tab and hit the dropdown menu labelled Finished then select Set Custom Status. You will see override options for the Finish Column and Lap Column field appear. The Finish Column text will be displayed in the right-most column of the results, instead of the calculated finish time.  The Status Column text will be displayed in the left-most column, instead of the calculated ranking or any other entered status.  Leaving these fields blank will display the default value in either column.

Enter any text you want in there, but keep it short: statuses should be no more than 5 characters, and times should be no more than about 10 characters or else they will overlap with other text on the screen.

The most common use for this is to distinguish between racers that have a status of DNF (did not finish) because they quit the race, vs racers that have a status of DNF because they were pulled – for example, in race formats where racers are pulled from the course when they get lapped.  In this case, you might put a status of “LAP” for racers that were lapped out, vs leaving racers that quit on their own as displaying “DNF”, like this:

Updated on 2023-05-08

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