Seeding off series points

Importing series points into a race

On the Racers tab for the race you want to seed, find the Import Series Points button:

Select the appropriate item for each of the three options. For the Field to Store Points In option, the first time you import points into a race you’ll want to choose “Create a New Field”, if you need to re-import after correcting something in the series, you’ll want to select the same field they were imported into previously.

For the Unique Racer ID, choose the field on your race that matches the field you used when you previously imported the results into the series – in this case, the Alberta membership number.

Then click the Import Points button to bring the series points into this race. This copies the current points from the series into this race, so as you update the series results with more races, the points imported into this race will not change unless you come back to this screen and import them again.

Seeding off Points

On the Start List tab, scroll to the Assign Numbers section and change the sort order from Random to Sort by racer field values and select the Series Points option.

You can also choose a secondary criteria to order racers who are tied in the series points by selecting another field.

Finally, click the Assign Racer Numbers button to assign racer numbers in order of the series points.

Updated on 2020-03-05

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