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Remittance Accounts

Funds collected through Zone4’s registration system are remit directly into your club’s bank account by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) deposit.  Zone4 remits on a weekly schedule that matches the deposits from our payment processor.  Every Thursday, Zone4 will deposit the funds collected during the previous week Monday morning to Sunday night.  So registrations fees collected up until Sunday night of this week, will be deposited next Thursday.  If your club owes processing or division fees to Zone4, the system will issue an invoice on Monday to provide advance notice before any fees are debited from your account on Thursday.  The deposits will appear on your bank statements as “Accounts Payable ZONE4.CA REMIT” but the exact display is dependent on each club’s bank.

Setting up your Remittance Account

Note: In order to setup your bank account information in Zone4, make sure you have a JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIF, JPEG image file of a void cheque from your club’s account.  This image will be uploaded into your account so that we can verify the routing numbers are correct.  This image can be taken simply with a cell phone. 

To set up a remittance account, find the Edit Banking Info option on your club overview page:

From there, select the “Set up Bank Account” link which will take you to a page that will ask for the name and email on the account, the account information, and an image of a void cheque from that bank account.

Descriptive Name for Account – is a way for you to distinguish between multiple club accounts so put a useful account descriptor here.

Name on Account – this needs to be the same name as written at the top of your void cheque.

EMail Statements – each week when remittances are due, remittance statements (and invoices on Mondays) are emailed to the email(s) specified here. Note If more than one email is entered, multiple emails MUST be separated by a SPACE, not a comma or semicolon.

Default Account – clubs can set one account as their Default account which means registration will default to this account if no specific one is set.

Combined Deposits – clubs that have multiple registrations open can receive deposits either individually per-registration form, or combined in one deposit.  Your choice on this may depend on the fees charged by your bank for each transaction and the preference of your book-keeper.

Institution Code – this is the 3 digit number representing your bank.  The Institution code is found between the Transit Number and the Bank account as seen in the sample cheque image below.  Some of the common Institution Codes in Canada are:

001 – Bank of Montreal / BMO
002 – ScotiaBank
003 – RBC Royal Bank of Canada
004 – TD Canada Trust
005 – National Bank of Canada
010 – CIBC

Transit # – this is a 5 digit branch specific number that can be found to the right of the cheque number and to the left of the Institution code on the bottom of your void cheque.

Account # – this is the long set of numbers to the right of the Institution code.  It includes ALL number, even if there is a space or strange squiggly markings between the numbers.

Upload an Image of a Void cheque.  Click Select File to browse to the JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIF, or JPEG image from your computer/smart phone.  The image will be resized on upload.

Click Save when finished, and your account information will be submitted to us and encrypted.  Once submitted, your account will say “Pending Approval” but can be selected as the remittance account for any registration.   All remittance accounts are reviewed for accuracy by Zone4 staff and the full bank account details won’t appear in your account till approved by Zone4.

Remittance Account FAQ

Is the system secure?

Yes, in fact it is much more secure than cheques for a number of reasons. Firstly, Zone4 stores both your cheque image as well as your three account number fields in encrypted form that cannot be read or accessed outside your Club Services account area. Secondly, Zone4 submits deposit information using highly secured software provided by Scotiabank and information is only passed through encrypted channels. Keep in mind also that the only information that Zone4 stores about your bank account are the numbers that are plainly visible at the bottom of every cheque your club has ever written so every person who you’ve ever written a cheque to has the same information that Zone4 will have (and in fact those that have received signed cheques from you also have your club’s signature so they have more sensitive information than Zone4 will have.)

What if our club’s bank account doesn’t have cheques and we don’t have a void cheque image?

You can submit a scanned image of whatever bank statement or document that contains the Institution Code, Bank Transit, and Account Number. Zone4 just needs the scanned image as proof that the numbers submitted belong to the correct bank account and to also serve as a second set of eyes to confirm the numbers are correct before any deposits are made.

I’m having trouble getting a scanned image or uploading remittance account information?

If you are having trouble uploading your bank account information, please feel free to email us (support@zone4.ca) a copy of a void cheque and we can load it into your account for you.  You can also mail a copy of your void cheque to Zone4 at 205-820 Main St, Canmore, AB, T1W2B7

Updated on 2023-08-04

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