Zone4’s multi-administrator system allows you to set up user accounts for multiple administrators or users and to give unique sets of permissions to each of those users. This makes it possible to control who has access to which sections of an organization account and what permissions they have on that data, as well as revoke permissions on an individual basis.

Permissions can be granted at an organization level, which grants access to all races and/or registration forms created under that organization, or at an item level, which only grants access to specific races or registration forms and does not allow that user to create new races or registration forms.

Adding Organization-level Permissions

If you are already a user with full permissions on the organization, you can give access to other Zone4 users. First, on your home page find the Organization Settings listing for the organization you would like to give somebody access to:

Next click the green Add a New User button on the top right:

To add a new user, enter their email address, and check off the permissions that you would like this user to have.

  • To create new races, a user should have the Create and Manage Races permission. To import racers from a Zone4 registration form, the user must also have permission to access the registration form that racers will be imported from.
  • To create a new registration form, a user should have the Create and Manage Registration Forms permission.
  • To add new users to an organization, upload banking information, or control Nordiq Canada membership system reporting, a users should have the Full Permissions option selected.

When you click the save button, the selected permissions will be given to the user who owns the email address you selected. If this email address does not correspond to an existing Zone4 user, an email will be sent to them inviting that person to create a Zone4 user account and set up a password, and when they follow the link in the email they will have the specified access.

Removing or Changing Permissions

Beside each administrator, there is an Edit Permissions button. To remove permissions for any user, click that button, and then un-check the boxes beside the permissions you would like to remove. You can remove a user from your organization completely by un-checking all their permissions.

Adding a Registration Form Administrator

You can add users to a single registration form only by finding the Authorized Users link in the menu at the bottom of any registration form setting’s page:

To authorize users on a registration form, you must have the full permissions access level on the organization that the registration form was created under. Click the Add a New User button at the bottom of the page to enter the email address of the person you would like to authorize.

Adding Race-level Permissions

You can add users to a single race by clicking on the Manage Permissions button on the race settings page.

To authorize users on a race, you must have the Full Permissions access level on the organization the race was created under. Click the Add a new User button at the bottom of the page and enter the email address of the person you would like to authorize.

Updated on 2022-10-22

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