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Refunding or Adding Registration Fees

Refunding or adding a payment onto a cart in a Zone4 registration consists of two steps: first editing the cart values to put the cart into a Refund Owing or Payment Owing state, and then entering that refund or payment transaction so the cart balances again.

Organizations using a Stripe or Helcim merchant account to collect fees (details here: https://help.zone4.ca/kb/merchant-accounts/ ) can issue refunds or add charges directly to credit cards from within the Zone4 interface.

Organizations using the Zone4 merchant account need to issue refunds directly to registrants outside of Zone4, and can then mark the cart to reflect that a refund has been issued.

Editing a cart to be refunded or charged

After finding a cart, click on the Edit this Cart button at the top of the cart that contains the fees you would like to refund or charge:

Then, scroll to find the fee you would like to refund or charge. To refund a fee, change the value of that fee to “not set” (in the case of a checkbox or option fee) or to zero (in the case of a number fee or user-set fee). Using the cart pictured above as an example, we can mark Donald’s “Free Sprint #2” fee as needing to be refunded by clicking on it and changing the value to “Not Set”.

To charge a fee, edit that fee to select the new program or option the person wants.

Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the cart, and you will see the total at the bottom update to reflect the new charge, if you removed a fee, the display will be a Refund Owing amount, if you have added a fee, it will be a Payment Owing amount:

Updating a cart to show that a charge or refund has been issued

To clear the Refund Owing or Payment Owing amount and make the cart display as balanced, click on the Enter a Refund button at the bottom of the cart. This will highlight payments that can be refunded. Click the one you would like to refund to expand it:

The Amount field should contain the amount of the refund. To make the cart balance, this should be the same as the Refund Owing amount displayed above.

If the Type field contains a Stripe or Helcim option, that means you have the ability to issue a refund directly to the customer’s credit card. If you do not have this option, you’ll only see the Cash/Cheque option available – selecting this option will not actually refund anything to the customer, it only allows you to mark the cart as refunded so it displays as balanced in the Zone4 software – it is up to you to actually return the money to your customer, using whatever method works best for you (cash, cheque, interac e-transfer, bitcoin…)

Cash/cheque refunds also include a Date option, which allows you to enter the date that the refund was issued. This is only for your own reference, and defaults to the current date. For Stripe and Helcim refunds, the date the refund was entered is used as the date.

The Notes field lets you add some private notes to the transaction, so that you can keep track of why the refund was issued. This field is optional.

Click the Refund button at the bottom to complete the process. You will see the list of transactions at the bottom of the cart update to display the refund, and the Refund Owing line will be cleared.

Issuing refunds without editing registration options

Although it is possible to mark a cart as refunded without clearing any registration options, it is strongly discouraged. If you enter a refund while the cart is not in the Refund Owing state, it will change to an Outstanding Payment state, as the customer has now paid less than the total amount of all the fees in their cart.

Re-issuing the receipt

Once your cart is updated and in balance you may want to re-send the receipt to the registrant. Click the Re-Issue Receipt button at the top of the cart:

And then click Send Receipt. You can change the receipt email if needed.

Updated on 2019-04-01

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