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Racer pages are displayed publicly when a viewer of the results clicks on a racer’s name on the results.  They can be useful to show more times than will fit on the screen in the main results view if you have a lot of timing points in your race, or if you just want to display extra information or give racers a page that they can link their friends to to show off their result.

Selecting Fields to Display

The same as on any other result set, you can select which racer fields should be displayed on the racer pages.  All the fields you select will be displayed in a vertical list, so unlike on the results you don’t have to worry about what will fit here – add as many fields as you like, including long text fields like a racer bio if you have collected that on your registration form.  But just like on public results, be careful – these pages are public, so you should not include any fields that contain sensitive personal information like email or phone number.

Selecting Results to Include

If you have multiple result sets on your race, for example an age group results and an overall result, you can display both rankings on the racer page by checking off the appropriate result sets.  A separate column for each result set will be included, to display their ranking and their time behind the category leader in that result set.  In the example below, Sarah was the leader in the 18-29 division (in the age group results) and was ranked in 7th or 8th place throughout the race in the female division (of the male/female results), and finished 37:52 behind the winner of the female division.

Displaying Photos

If you are using the photo tagging tool, check the box to Show Photos on Racer Pages and any photos that the racer is tagged in will be displayed at the bottom of the racer page.  For more on the photo tagging tool, see the help page here.

Updated on 2018-04-01

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