Printing Results

The best way to print results is to select the Print option in the Publish & Print menu at the top of the results page:

Here you can check or un-check the results groups you wish to print. You can also customize the font size and how you want to organize page breaks. Most users keep the default options. Once you have chosen the groups you want to print select “Print Results” as pictured below.

You will then be show a printer friendly version of your results. From here select the “Print” button where you will be directed to a standard print screen for your operating system.

Tips For Printing:

If your race has many fields displayed or multiple laps shown on your results, you may have trouble fitting everything on a printed page. Consider the following options for formatting your results set to be printer friendly.

  • Try changing the page Layout to from “Portrait” to “Landscape” mode.
  • Consider changing the margins. 
  • You may need to remove Lap Times from printed results. You can do this by going to the “Configure Results” page.
  • If your settings are very different for your printed results, consider making a separate private results set for printed results so that you do not need to remove lap times or modify the configuration of  your primary results.

Results Status

Some sports such as Triathlon and Cross-Country skiing will have, official and unofficial results. Unofficial usually just being a results set that has not yet been reviewed by the jury. You can set these statuses on your printed results at the bottom of the “Print Results” window as pictured below.

Updated on 2019-06-28

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