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Once you start getting racer times you will want to make your result sets visible to the public. In Zone4 Timing it is easy to publish live results on the homepage. 

Our homepage is ordered by what’s currently relevant. If you publish results ahead of your event they may be a ways down the list, but they will rise to the top as the event approaches. While your event is in progress your results will be pinned to the top of the list.

Before posting your results, be sure to review your result’s settings to make sure it is configured the way you want.

Follow these steps to post your results publicly on

  1. Go into your race file and navigate to the Results tab.

2. Click on View Results beside the result set you want to publish.

3. In this window click Publish & Print and then click Post to

4. The Publish Results window will now open. Here you will be able to change the visibility of your results. To post them on select the Public option for Results Visibility.

5. Click the Save button.

Once your results are public, the Publish Results window will update to display a Public URL that links to the result set. You can post this link on your own race website.

Once your results are public, there will also be a link to them displayed on the Zone4 homepage. Your racers can go to and search for the name of your race to find the posted result sets.

Remember that if you make your results public before your race they will still be updated live during your event.

Once you have made results public it is highly recommended to navigate to to view them on the public side and make sure everything is being displayed as you intended.

You can also make results public after the race if you do not wish to have live results.

Updated on 2019-06-28

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