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I’m Timing a Race. What Info do I need from the Organizer?

You are timing a race. Sure you know the sport and maybe some of the basic requirements, but you need to get a bunch of info from the organizer in order to plan ahead and build a race file. It would be nice to have a list fo things to ask. Well it’s your lucky day, here is that list!

Note that this list is by no means exhaustive. Every race and sport is different and has different requirements. Use this list as a guide but know that your race may have unique requirements not covered here.

  • What are the amenities available at the race site?
    • WiFi/ Cell Network access?
    • Power setup?
    • Shelter (laptops printers and other equipment need to protected form the rain). Note that; GoChips and Activators are Waterproof.
    • Access (can I drive to all the timing points).
  • Other Race site info
    • What type of surface are the timing points on?
    • Is the start and finish in the same place?
    • Where is chip/ bib handout happening.
    • Where are awards going to be?
  • Race day schedule
    • When are volunteers arriving?
    • When is bib pickup?
    • Is there day of registration? If so when?
    • When is the race start?
    • When are awards?
  • When and where will bib pickup happen? This can be coordinated with chip handout.
  • Racer Numbers (bibs)
    • Will they be providing racer numbers?
    • What are the number ranges?
    • Are there number ranges set aside for specific groups of racers?
  • Start Groups.
    • Who will be starting together?
  • Courses.
    • What are the distances?
    • Are racers doing multiple laps?
    • Do they want the laps to be timed?
  • Volunteers. Will there be volunteers available for;
    • Chip handout
    • Chip Collection
    • Day of registration (if applicable)
    • Backup Timing (if needed)
  • Awards / Result Requirements
    • What is needed for awards result
    • Overall Results?
    • Gender Results?
    • Age Group Results? If so what are the age groups?
Updated on 2019-06-28

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