How to Publish a Start List

Publishing a Start List

In some sports it is necessary to print and or publish start list before an event so racers know their scheduled start time and position. To publish a start list, navigate to the Start List tab in your race, and click the Publish & Print button and then select Post to

You can then select the appropriate option to publish either publicly or privately. If your race has an event page configured, a start list posted publicly will be linked to from the event page. If no event page is configured, the start list will be linked to from the Homepage until results are published, at which point the link will change to point to the results.

Configuring Start List Display

If you are publishing a start list, you’ll probably also want to add some extra information like club, team, points, jury information, or a sponsor banner.

Find the Configure Display button at the top of the start list view

To add fields to your start list, find the Configure Display button at the top of the start list view, or in the publish menu at the bottom of the configuration page. By default, Bib, Start Time, First Name, and Last Name are displayed. Additional fields can be added by selecting them from the drop down menu.

In the Header Image section, a single banner size header image can be uploaded for logos and sponsors. Below that, Header Information for things like Jury, Weather, and Communique can be added. An example of what this might look like is pictured below.

Updated on 2019-08-23

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